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Michael Thompson. Another old friend and mentor gone. Died Friday August 10 in Los Angeles. His wife Kathleen, who’d read more of the literature of ghosts than anyone I ever met, died last year. He is survived by a daughter and granddaughters and Carol Sandberg. All his friends in the trade will be hoping that his business partner Carol Sandberg will be continuing to operate the business.

Michael was my first close friend in the American trade. He convinced me to make my first major buying trip to California, put me up at his home, took me everywhere and introduced me and vouched for me in the trade. And over many years scouting with him taught me plenty. On top of that we had wonderful times together because in those days we could both still drink. Much laughter and outrageous shenanigans accompanied our trips. And lots of mutual buying and selling of books, often 35,000 feet above the earth. I’ll have much more to say about my old friend – in print – in the future.

Michael was a wonderful seller of books. Over the years I was to learn that this was because he believed in those books. I bought a lot of books from him, both drunk and sober, but never bought one I regretted. Maybe that’s a fitting epitaph for a great bookseller. Me, I will remember his friendship. Our condolences here to Carol Sandberg, his daughter (we had a great celebration the day she was born) and his granddaughters.

He was a good bookseller – the highest praise I can give. RIP.

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