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Basking in Linda McKnight CM’s shadow the staff became unruly, openly challenging my vision. So every day I had to solve a hundred problems of disposal, constantly harassed on all flanks. Only my deep convictions of the value of my artifacts kept some slight balance while I rescued what I could. It got so that I hardly dared go out, or even to the washroom, without precious things disappearing while I was gone.

One day I returned to find two of my precious 8’ x 4’ shelves, built myself years ago using the famous Mason System – where I could build a shelf in 20 minutes, an accomplishment still not equaled in the intervening 50 years – blatantly destroyed. All through this crucial period I was assailed constantly by what I had believed to be loyal cohorts. I became openly ridiculed and told that I would never manage to “get rid of all that crap” by our deadline.

But I did. I made it with a couple of days to spare, at the cost it must be admitted, of some of my favourite shelves and fixtures, and quite a few wonderful books which will one day be extremely valuable and which Debra Dearlove will certainly lose thousands of dollars on. Well, I warned her. Others will profit from my foresight and it serves her right.

But at least the pressure of deadlines is off, although not without a certain amount of suffering. Our storage is jammed, there are unsightly boxes and pictures around the store but I’m hoping to sort at my pace now. But don’t think I’ve won anything. My esteemed cleaning lady Linda McKnight, CM has begun her next campaign.

“Next is that desk of yours. It’s disgusting, papers everywhere, with rotting fruit underneath it. Books everywhere, no order you can’t find anything. No sane person could work there. The first of January we’re starting on it. Out with it all, we’re getting rid of. It’s all crap.”

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