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As of 1 January 2018, David Mason will refer to himself as “semi-retired”. Having completed fifty years solving the problems of the world – at least relating to books – he will attempt to lighten the weight on his shoulders and attempt to enjoy himself pursuing self-indulgence as he can.

What this means is that he will still be in seven days a week, handle still the most unsavory problems, buy many of the books, take the blame for all errors, both of omission and commission, and, of course, still be the scapegoat for everything that certain others here find irritating or distasteful.

So, I shall still be on duty at least for several hours a day and still be accessible to old friends and clients (when it’s allowed). In fact, I’m myself just beginning to wonder what retirement means. The plan is more of the things I like, less of the boring mundane tasks relating to necessity and money.

I may be almost ready for the ice-floes as certain people think but I’m still the best book buyer in the country in my own mind. 

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Maggie Keith said...
David, I hope you'll soon be well enough for another blog posting. Many of us are thinking about you and hoping that your recovery is going well. I was incredibly happy to learn that your surgery had gone better than the surgeons anticipated. No doubt owing to the prayers of my church congregation. Maggie Keith
March 12, 2018 09:56:01
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