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We are surprised at the small attendance we’ve had for our sale, a full room of books now at 80% off the retail prices. This is another melancholy feature of the current electronic revolution that bookstores and other businesses have had to adjust to for the last 10 or 20 years.

With almost no used bookstores left the younger dealers are overloaded with used books and feel no compulsion to buy even at 80% off. In the old days when dealers had a half-price sale every year the first day would be entirely dealers who would buy hundreds of books to enhance their stocks. Now, nobody seems to care and we find ourselves with lots of very good books, which we feel we are giving away at 80% discount. But the world ignores them.

Earlier this week a regular collector bought a $450.00 letter by Bret Harte for $90.00 and a couple of days before we sold a nice set of the 29 volume 11th edition of the Britannica for $100.00, the same price we all sold it for 45 years ago.

Doesn’t anyone want good books?

In another few weeks we will up the discount to 90% which to me is next to free. And these are not used books, this is a carefully weeded stock built up over many years. It’s very depressing for me since I thought enough of these same books to originally pay more than the current selling prices for them. Another of the reasons, I guess, that used booksellers die broke.    

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