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The “Book of the Month” for this month is Travels with Epicurus by Daniel Klein (Penguin). A marvelous mediation on old age wherein we learn that Epicurus was not an Epicurean. He believed in simplicity in food and drink. And that what was important was not what you ate but who you ate with. He also believed that old age was not to be avoided – by pretending that seventy was the new fifty, but that it should be embraced as not only an important stage in life but the most important age. For only the old can dismiss all the pointless vanities and stupid ambitions which drove us in our youth. And embrace the important things, which are companionship, conversation over food and drink with friends and simply embracing the beauties of life which are there for all if we only slow down and look. All obvious, even trite – except Klein makes it fascinating, so much so that I read a page and think for half an hour before going on. And finishing it once, and having bought a dozen copies for friends, I’ve started it again.

A word to the wise – from Epicurus, one of the truly wise ones.

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Philip Gunyon said...
David, your blog led me to buy and read the (e)book. I have now told many of my (older) friends about it and also quoted your blog to one of my nieces and her husband. It's truly a great read. Thank you..!
November 19, 2016 02:38:01
Russ Musgrove said...
Now you've got me wanting to read this book as I quickly join you and all my friends in old age. It's a good but, painful age. Books coming out my ying yang.
November 14, 2016 11:10:59
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