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David Mason wishes to report to his friends and clients a very curious development.

He is out of the hospital and while the procedures followed seems so far pretty successful he has been told he can’t leave the house for the foreseeable future, till we find out what has developed. The problem is they are unable to supply and control his oxygen needs except in the house. This proves conclusively that the moon landings were indeed a hoax. They could apparently put a man on the oxygen-free moon fifty years ago but I can’t go to work, a ten-minute walk.

We will find a way around this, but until some later time I won’t be able to go anywhere.

As it happens I feel great and am in good spirits – and luckily with all this electronic stuff we now have I can still run my business and communicate. I also live in a house which is stuffed with books, many still unread.

Poor Debbie, you will be no doubt thinking. She’s been great except she keeps emphasizing that she made it plain thirty years ago – she doesn’t do diapers. We’re a long way from that. I’m still at the rows of pills to figure out stage, and have to be careful not to trip over breathing tubes.

This blog seems an easier means of communicating with friends and clients and I shall continue to do this.

Debbie, Norm and Halina can still sell you a book though.

STRONG NOTE: Because of erratic medical appointments we can no longer guarantee that someone will always be at the store between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, we strongly suggest you phone first before dropping in, otherwise all is usual.

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